Why Terry Bradshaw sells slimes on Bradshaw Bunch

Slimy sales.

New episode tonight Bradshaw family Is a serious matter, and Terry Bradshaw With his daughter Rachel Exploration Two Very Unique entrepreneurial philosophy: slime and hot yoga respectively.

To be fair, Terry was only half of the creative team that was eventually named the “Slime Ball Company.”The true visionary is Suri, His 8-year-old granddaughter!

“You do business with me, we will form a limited liability company,” the former NFL player told Zurie, she is working hard to add sparkle to a new batch of slime. “You will run it, so you will become the CEO. Money will flow in and life will become better! We will become rich because you are smart and you are passionate about it.”

Prompt Zurie to pretend to pull her slime out.

But don’t worry, when she and Terry took to the streets, she proved that she has the conditions to become a successful business owner.

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