Olivia Wilde lives in London part-time in Harry Styles Romance

Olivia Wilde says she lives in London part-time in Harry Styles Romance

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles. Above (2)

An American in London!As Olivia WildeRomance Harry Styles Continue to heat up, Smart booking The director confessed that she was in a “very good place” in her life and her transcontinental actions.

I can finally drive and I feel very good about it,” said 37-year-old Wilde, who was discussing her environmental habits and current living conditions. Fashion The magazine profile, released on Tuesday, October 12th. For example, “How will I participate in future innovations in a good way?” I have been driving an electric car. I thought,’Ah, this really makes me feel like a better person. ‘”

During the interview, Overclocking The alum stated that he was in “a very good place in my life.”

“This translates into taking care of yourself better than ever before,” Wilde explained. “And I’m spending my time in a way that allows me to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

this Don’t worry honey On October 3, a few weeks after her parents participated in the 27-year-old “New Zealander” singer’s concert in Madison Square Garden in New York City, the filmmaker recently revealed her place of residence-Sri Lanka. Thales also lives there.

A source exclusively disclosed that although the native of England did not shout out his girlfriend’s parents in the show U.S. Weekly At the time, just like Wilde, they seemed to be “his loyal fans.”

The insider pointed out that the actress’s parents took photos of the “Watermelon Singer” musician from the crowd and cheered for him. “Obviously, they support and admire him,” the source explained.

The low-key couple met on the set last year Don’t worry honey Before revealing their relationship in January, they were photographed holding hands at the styles manager’s wedding. This year, the relationship between the two continues to flourish.

“Olivia and Harry have a very relaxed relationship. They love and support each other, but they also let each other feel free,” a source told exclusively US In July. “They both respect each other’s work and never want to hinder each other.”

With the “Carolina” musician starting his “Love on Tour” concert this fall, Wilde has been his loyal supporter. He attended his Las Vegas station in September and even After a month of selling his show merchandise while out in Los Angeles.

This New York native was previously engaged Jason Sudekis, She shared with her 7-year-old son Otis and 4-year-old daughter Daisy. The two finally broke up in November 2020 after being together for nine years.

Just like Wilde’s transatlantic trip, the 46-year-old Sudekis also spent more time in the UK, where he filmed the first two seasons of the Emmy award-winning series and the upcoming third season. Ted Russo.

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