Kyrie Irving said to critics who chose not to get vaccinated: “They will never say it in front of me” (video)

On Wednesday night, Kyrie Irving broke his silence because he decided not to get vaccinated and continued to make headlines.

Carey loses hundreds of thousands of dollars per gameo Tell you what prevented you. Although the NBA does not have a policy that requires players to be vaccinated, teams in cities including New York City and San Francisco are enforced by municipal laws.

In other words, anyone who plays for the team in these cities must be vaccinated, otherwise they will not be able to play home games in their arena.

Kyrie Irving’s choice not to be vaccinated prevented him from training or playing with the team. According to reports, he will lose approximately $381,000 in every game he does not participate in the Nets.

Many people are arguing about Carey’s position, including sports analyst and TV presenter Stephen Smith, etc., but Carey has not publicly stated his position.

Then on Wednesday night, Carey seemed to have had enough backlash. He uninstalled on Instagram Live for nearly 30 minutes, explaining his decision not to vaccinate, and questioning the need for all criticism when it was his choice and his body.

“I choose not to be vaccinated. This is my choice. I will ask you to respect this choice. I will continue to stay in shape, get ready for the game, get ready to rock with my teammates, and be a part of it all,” Carey Said, adding that despite some rumors on Wednesday, he has no plans to retire.

Carey then appeared to shoot Stephen A. Smith, who said Carey’s behavior was “completely stupid.”

“Keep playing with my name, you know keep playing with my image, keep drawing me in a certain way without speaking, these guys are puppets!” Carey exclaimed. “…They say I’m not smart, call me all these different types of names, and they will never say it in front of me.”

You can watch part of Kyrie’s live broadcast below:

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