Jay-Z’s Roc team raised $1 million to investigate the wrongful conviction in Kansas

Jay-Z’s Roc team raised $1 million to investigate the wrongful conviction in Kansas

Jay-Z Will definitely redouble our efforts to help those in need. According to reports, Jay-Z’s Roc Team A $1 million donation was recently raised to investigate the wrongful conviction in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Roc Team Is an affiliated social justice organization Jay-Z’s Republic of ChinaAccording to reports, Wyandotte County is responsible for a number of serious injustices, including the wrongful convictions of Lamont McIntyre and Olin “Pitt” Kuhns Jr.

Lamonte McIntyre was imprisoned for 23 years for two murders not committed in Kansas City, Kansas. Olin “Pete” Coones Jr. spent 12 years in prison and was acquitted in the Wyandotte County murder case. Unfortunately, he died of cancer about three months after his release. So far, approximately 40 people convicted in Wyandotte County have applied for the innocence program to investigate their cases.

Tricia Rojo Bushnell, executive director of the Midwest Innocence Project, spoke about the importance of the cause and what is happening in Wyandotte County. she says,

“This is a huge investment.”

She added,

“The ability to view these cases… will really continue to show what we need to do to truly provide a fair criminal legal system in Wyandotte County.”

As previously reported, last September Roc Team Sued the Kansas City Police Department for suspected misconduct. As part of the suit, Roc Team Access to documents is being sought to explain complaints against individuals in the department’s investigation department. The organization also requested documents related to the training and supervision of officials. The lawsuit alleges that KCKPD stated that it will provide some documents, but it has,

“Refuse to provide documents related to any steps taken by the City in response to these complaints, including any investigation or disciplinary proceedings initiated as a result of the complaint.”

The complaint added,

“These documents will help determine the scope of the problem, any potential evidence that is covered up, and the underlying cause.”

The organization also resolved ongoing lawsuits on social media.

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