Deontay Wilder reflects on Tyson Fury’s battle after the 11th round of TKO

Deonte Wilder He did not have the experience of losing frequently in boxing matches, but he did have the experience of being knocked down. Tyson Fury.

On Saturday night (October 9), the British WBC heavyweight champion defeated Wilder in Las Vegas and eliminated him in the 11th round to retain the title. After losing in the knockout rounds in February 2020, an arbitrator approved Wilder’s rematch and won his third chance to challenge Fury.

Compared with past games, Wilder appeared stronger in this game and performed better in his recent games, but that was not enough. In the fourth round, he nearly won the game with two knockouts, but Fury managed to cheer up and box Wilder in the next game.

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After the defeat, Wilder did not talk to the media, but now issued a statement on the battle.

“I tried my best, but it was not good enough,” Wilder said, reportedly CBS Sports“I’m not sure what happened. I know he did something in training, and I also know he didn’t come to be a ballerina when he was 277 years old. He came to rely on me to try to make me rough, He succeeded.”

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