Colin Kaepernick talks about new Netflix shows and NFL aspirations in the Ebony cover story

Colin Kaepernick on the cover of the November issue ebony Magazine, where he talks about his new show Colin in black and white, He still hopes to play in the NFL, etc.

Colin Kaepernick X Ebony

Source: Joshua Kissi / Ebony Magazine

On August 14, 2016, Colin Kaepernick embarked on a unique journey. He knelt on one knee in the national anthem of the preseason and made history. At the time, this did not arouse any anger or attention-perhaps because he was in plain clothes, after all, it was a preseason game. It will also be ignored next week.

However, on August 26, two weeks later, the world will notice his kneeling posture. When asked about his reasoning, setting his life for the next three years, and changing his career trajectory, he did not shy away.

He said: “I will not stand up and be proud of the national flag of a country that oppresses blacks and people of color.” “For me, this is more important than football. If I look at it from another angle, I am selfish. On the street. There are bodies, people get paid leave and escape murder.”

This sentence and his admission that if he loses football and endorsements, it will not disturb him, and it will have an impact on every good boy watching the NFL. Fast forward to 2019, the NFL and Kaepernick reached a settlement, and then the pandemic happened. We really didn’t hear from Colin directly, but his mission is often self-evident.

Colin is now on the cover EBONY November issue And conducted a rare interview. He is answering everyone’s pressing questions and talking about his new show, Colin in black and white, This is based on his life. Even with new shoes and charity work, Colin is still waiting and preparing to play again.

“Absolutely. I still get up at 5 in the morning and train five or six days a week to make sure I am ready to lead the team to the Super Bowl again. No matter what actions the 32 teams and their partners take to deny me employment, I I will never give up on this. Just like the way I insisted in high school, I will stick to it here.”

He paused, then added, “You will have to continue to deny me and do so in a public manner. You will expose yourself because of this, but it won’t be because I’m not ready or not ready.”

The entire past five years have been in the most intense political era in history. It will be uncomfortable for anyone, but Colin has gotten used to it. Based on his childhood, his new show focuses on the black man he was raised by two white parents and the things he encountered and experienced.Colin doesn’t want him to have a different childhood, but opens up ebony About what can help his journey.

“I won’t say I regret it,” the star said of his childhood. “I don’t like to look at things that way, because I think this is part of our journey and where we need to go. [O]Become black and be adopted as part of a white family [is that there] It’s a conversation that I can’t have or feel uncomfortable with. I hope that at those moments I can turn to a mentor to be able to have these conversations to help better understand the problems I am facing. “

Colin’s new show will tell his story in his way, and these materials can help a generation that feels like he grew up. If Colin has shown us one thing over the years, it is that he is not just an athlete, and his off-court actions will have a greater impact than his performance in the game.

You can read his full text ebony cover story here And watch the trailer Colin in black and white Below is its series premiere on October 29th.

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