Chloe Bailey seemed to respond to the backlash after the performance

Lauder, have mercy! You can always count on people to talk about something online, for better or for worse. You never know which celebrity will be in the court of public opinion because of something they did or said. It has been Meek Mill recently, but as of last night, Chloe Bailey is another name to be added to the list.

After she performed her first solo album “Have Mercy” on the “Tonight Show”, people on the Internet said that they felt that the singer “does too much.” Chloe looked great during the performance. She was wearing a white feather suit, directing the stage in a low and spinning way. Although someone showed Chloe’s love online, not everyone felt the same emotions.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Can she stop trying to turn her twerk music into a wide range of art forms? She has done too much for such an ordinary record. She is not as versatile as she thinks. The artist.” In addition to saying that she did too much, people also compared her to her mentor Beyoncé.

Chloe had time today, and seemed to respond to the strong opposition through Twitter, “doing too much is my specialty”, with a loving smiley emoji. Her fans also defended her on Twitter and appealed to those who made negative comments about her. “Chloe Bailey is the artist I think. They usually like the way they look. Many artists are good, but being an artist is still a job in the final analysis. Many people like to do it for money. , Instead of Chloe, she has real passion.”

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