Bitch | Blac Chyna roars at the airport: “Get vaccinated, stop being stupid”

TMZ released a video of Black Chyna ranting at the airport telling people to get vaccinated, as shown below. In the background, someone asked Chyna to take a photo together at the Miami Airport. After that, Chyna started yelling that people need to be vaccinated, don’t be stupid about it. I suppose Chyna asked the woman if she was vaccinated. The woman said that she hadn’t and gave her an attitude. This is when Chyna is frightened. Chyna is not wearing a mask, and you can see people talking to people who recorded the incident who did not wear a mask. They are talking about how out of control Chyna is. I include the video below, which is an article from

After shooting the model at the airport yelling about the COVID-19 vaccine, fans agreed with Blac Chyna. In the current viral clip filmed at Miami International Airport, Blac Chyna can be heard yelling to passengers at other airports, asking for a vaccine against the disease.

“Go check it. It’s sad. It really surprised me,” the reality TV star said.

“Go and shoot. Shoot every 10 years. You have to do the same thing to get your child into school [in school]”,” she continued. “…That’s why people’s grandparents are dying. My grandma is dead. “

It is unclear who Blac Chyna’s rant is, including comments about abortion and her roots in Washington, DC; it is targeted. According to TMZ, this video started after a female fan brought her child to Blac Chyna and asked to take a photo with her. Fans speculated that this woman might not have been vaccinated because Blac Chyna could be heard yelling at her, “Go and get vaccinated, stop being stupid, hoe!”

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Blac Chyna already In the recorded fight, She also had other drunken incidents, so she was called to the police, but no police were called here.As TMZ points out, She was vaccinated and vaccinated while answering questions with her doctor during the Instagram live broadcast. I have no problem with celebrities ranting about people being vaccinated. Of course, she caused a scene. It seems unnecessary for her to be so loud, but it sounds like she lost her grandmother because of the new crown pneumonia, which is private to her. I also guess that there are more things we haven’t seen that caused her to leave, such as the woman being angry with Chyna for refusing to approach her. I would rather let celebrities yell and get people vaccinated, rather than calling it a “medical option” or claiming that their cousin’s friend got swelling from it. My main complaint is that she did not wear a mask at the airport. I hate flying, and it’s worse now. If all domestic flights require vaccinations, and if the use of masks is mandatory at the airport, it may be tolerable again.


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